What Happened To Feid’s London Show?

During the past month, everyone has been asking what happened to Feid’s London Show.

According to one of his Instagram posts mentioning the Europe tour, London was included as one of the cities he was performing in, London’s turn was going to be on 13th Aug. So what happened?

London reggaeton has spoken directly to Feid’s management and booking who confirmed availability for the show on the due date, however an agreement to make the show happen was not met, furthermore other Reggaeton London local promoters showed interest in making the show happen but according to confidential sources it was already late for the artist to accommodate dates for UK visas and logistics to be executed due to his busy Spanish tour schedules.

As Local promoters including us London Reggaeton have not announced the show, the show won’t be treated as a Cancelation as tickets to the relevant event did not release for sale.

Sorry to all Feid’s London Fans who waited a long time to see the artist perform, we hope to have better news for you soon.

London Reggaeton.

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