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Karol G’s new album: “KG0516” review

Karol G’s new album: “KG0516” review

With a brand new sound, and debuting for the very first time as co-producer alongside longtime producer Ovy on the drums, Karol G dropped her latest studio album last week (March 25) “KG0516”. 

The reggaeton icon had released a teaser of her third LP a few weeks ago in a retro-inspired video of flight number KG0516 – KG being an acronym for her stage name and 0516 being the day she signed her first record deal, May 16, 2006; the day her career would literally prepare for takeoff! 

Although she inter-laces between different sounds and genres, from Country and Pop, to Bachata, she remains true to her reggaeton origins, showcasing her versatile nature as an artist. “This album represents the evolution of Carolina as a person and Karol G as an artist” she said in a press release.

“This is a flight I want to invite all my fans on, to join me on my musical journey, where each song represents a connecting flight that takes you to a new place,” expressed the singer.

“I experimented a lot with different sounds, genres and unique vibes. It’s definitely something that hasn’t been heard before from me and the songs are all a representation of who I am today as a person and an artist,” said Karol G.

Debuted at The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, “El Barco” seems to be an album favorite, with its guitar chords and bachata notes. Definitely a song to dedicate after a break-up. 

Then bonus-track, “El Makinon”, a pro-meets-rookie collaboration with 21-year-old urban artist Mariah Angeliq. Filmed in the streets of New York, the pair of reggaetoneras who seemingly kiss at one point, are seen as real gangsters walking through NYC. 

Paying homage to the good old days of old school reggaeton, “Leyendas” is a mashup of a few clasicos featuring the legends themselves Ivy Queen (“Yo Quiero Bailar”), Zion (“Me Pones en Tension”), Wisin & Yandel (“Bailoteo”) Nicky Jam (“Yo No Soy Tu Marido”) and Alberto Style (“Vengo Acabando”).

And although she’s collaborated with top dogs and international superstars, she doesn’t forget her humble beginnings. “Sola Es Mejor” is a remake of the hit from Colombian reggaeton duo Yandar & Yostin, back when the reggaeton scene in her hometown Medellin was kicking off.

Following her massive success on the first single of her new album KG0516, “Tusa” featuring Nicky Minaj, the Medellin-born decided to go for an anglo-latin collaboration once again. This time with OG rapper Ludacris on “ Beautiful Boy” ft Emilee, breaking language barriers by crossing over and sampling Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls”.  


“I’m not making all these crossovers and fusions so that my music reaches a ton of people,” she says. “It’s that I love all types of music and sounds, and ultimately, that’s what I want to express to people…. There are a lot of feelings, a lot of flows, and a little bit of everything.”


In “200 Copas”, Spanish for 200 drinks, Karol G experiments with a live performance of regional Mexican music for the first time, which has recently become more and more of a “thing” amongst latin urban music, fusing trap with regional Mexican better known as corridos tumbados. 

With a fast-paced hip-hop beat, “Gato Malo” ft. Nathy Peluso is a song for all the ladies who have fallen for a bad boy; whilst Karol looks back on everything she did for that one person, Argentinian pal Peluso raps to some lyrics, reminding her of her worth! 

And then there’s “DVD”, with it’s cool, calm and collective melody which encapsulates her as an artist; sensual flow and her “pikete cabron” (swag).   


After having the album nearly finished back in March of last year, Karol G then decided to scrap everything and start from scratch. Focusing on studying different sounds including from the 70’s and some of her favorite pop artists – Beyonce, Rihanna and Lady Gaga, the Latina urban queen hails this to be her most personal project to date.


Listen to the 16-track album here!


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