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MEET: TEDDY | @_iamtedy 🔈⁠

Born Bryan, but artistically known as Teddy, this Spanish artist from a small village in Toledo came to London in search of better opportunities at the age of 14. Not knowing a word in English, but determined to learn, he started focusing on music. Fast forward a few years, what started off as a hobby has eventually become his all-time passion.⁠

Apart from focusing on breaking through as a renowned artist, Teddy aspires to serve as an inspiration for other young upcoming artists in London: “To achieve their dreams, and demonstrate that a simple Latino kid raised in South London can do great things within the music industry with effort and hard work,” he says.⁠

Conscious of his talent, his latest single “Por Ahora” which was recorded at DJ Pope’s (J Balvin’s DJ) studio 574 in Medellin and therefore home to many of Balvin’s hits, promises to project him as an artist on a larger scale. ⁠

“Don’t forget this name: Teddy. Stay tuned!” – Brian⁠