El Alfa “El Jefe” apologises publicly to Anuel AA for fake Bugatti news story

Just last week fans of the two urban artists Anuel AA and El Alfa were celebrating the apparent fruits of the artists’ labour, after they both took to their Instagram accounts pictures of the luxury supercar Bugatti. A few hours after Anuel posted his new asset, the dembow artist El Alfa also shared his supposedly new sportscar. 

Rumours then started to emerge online that the Dominican Singapur rapper hadn’t in fact purchased the supercar. According to a source interviewed by Puerto Rican radio show, Molusco Y Los Reyes De La Punta, El Alfa had indeed visited the car dealership. However, he had not actually bought the car.

In light of the radio interview, with the car dealer who had been present at the time, the story then spread rapidly over the internet, leading to El Alfa publicly apologising to his industry colleagues Anuel and Ozuna who were right in the middle of their new album release “Los Dioses”. 

Accused of diverting media attention and overshadowing with his Bugatti news story, El Alfa took the opportunity to clarify that his post had in actual fact been a misunderstanding and that he was forever grateful with Anuel for his continuous support throughout his musical career. He also offered his apologies to Ozuna, Anuel’s manager Fabrianeli and Pina Records. 

All industry giants accepted the artist’s apologies and reiterated their love and support for the dembow artist. “WE LOVE AND RESPECT YOU…WE HAVE NEVER HAD ANYTHING AGAINST YOU, MY BROTHER!!!!!! NOTHING’S HAPPENED…KEEP REPRESENTING DR WITH YOUR HEAD HELD HIGH…”, commented Anuel. 

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