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Brazilian Funk Artist MC Kevin dies at the age of 23

Brazilian Funk Artist MC Kevin dies at the age of 23

Brazilian funk carioca singer Kevin Nascimiento Bueno, who went by the stage name of MC Kevin, was reported dead on Sunday( May 16) after plunging to death from the fifth-floor balcony of the Riale Brisa Barra Hotel in Rio de Janeiro.

Despite attempts from the fire brigade to rush him to a local hospital, he was pronounced dead shortly after. According to several news outlets, MC Kevin allegedly died trying to escape from a hotel window in the fear of being caught having an affair, by his wife.


The news of the performer’s death comes less than two weeks after tying the knot with 33-year-old criminal lawyer Deolane Bezerra, who confirmed the tragedy in an emotional post on Instagram. “You were always so incredible. It’s not fair for you to leave like this. It’s not. It’s not.”

MC Kevin launched his career back in 2014 with his debut single “Prepara Novinha” in collaboration with MC Pedrinho. His most recent album “Fênix” had been released earlier this year (February 9).

With 2 million listeners on Spotify and over 10 million followers on Instagram, his official Instagram account post read: “We thank everyone for their comforting messages of support and love….We ask for prayers and much strength.”

Brazilian footballer Neymar also paid tribute to the artist on social media, with a post referencing one of his late pal’s singles on a shirt: “The boy who charmed the neighbourhood”.

The incident continues to be investigated by local authorities.

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