Anuel AA and Ozuna’s collaborative album – “Los Dioses” review

The self-proclaimed “Reyes” (Kings) and new “Dioses” (Gods) of Latin trap are back. Although they’ve come a long way since the days of La Ocasion, these two have shown the world they’ve been on the grind, together, since day one.

Just like back in the day when guns, drugs and money fuelled their lyrics, ”El negrito de ojos claros” Ozuna and BRRR Anuel AA are back together again. This time, with a smoother tone and totally different narrative.

A fusion of reggaeton and trap, the highly anticipated joint album Los Dioses was released on Friday (Jan. 22) and is currently ranked at No. 3 on Itunes Top 100 albums.

But more than two industry giants coming together to collaborate, their new album is a tribute of their relentless hustle; hustle that has clearly turned into a tight friendship. Speaking to Latin Billboard, Ozuna said:  “We wanted to do what we did before.” he said. “Take people back to how it was, our beginnings — what we did from the very first day.”

And even though they both started their careers doing underground hits and music for the streets – Ozuna with his sweet tone, Anuel with his blunt, bad boy flow –  their evolved sound and blend of vocals, still proves to be the perfect combo.

I did music for the street, and Ozuna was commercial. But because we started working together so much, we evolved.” Said Anuel (Billboard). “Ozuna began to make music for the street, and the street responded. And I started to do more commercial music, and the people in that world responded.” 

The album’s intro Los Dioses sets off the scene of the 12-track collaborative LP, with a sample of John Cena’s famous wrestling theme. Switching verses, Ozuna does Anuel’s and Anuel does Ozuna’s. Definitely a refreshing throwback to the first few steps of Latin trap.

With a retro reggaeton vibe, this dancefloor tune Antes talks about a one-night stand with a lover almost impossible to forget. As for Nena Buena – a song about a good girl gone bad – With its breeze of a tropical vibe, and relatable lyrics, the type of tune which will have the girls blasting to it in the car.

And then there’s Perreo as its name suggests, literally a perreo song with its upbeat rhythm and infectious beat – guaranteed to be a club anthem in 2021. Meanwhile, Perfecto, with its piano chords and an air of nostalgia, talks about imperfections and forgiveness.

La Maria, according to Anuel his ultimate favourite and seemingly a fan favourite too, is a hard-hitting drill/trap song, which features Kendo Kaponi in the video background, bringing back the good old days of Anuel’s malianteo flow.

Trap with a twist, that’s what the track Municiones encapsulates, a fusion of regional Mexican music and trap -trapcorridos- proving that the two Puerto Ricans can still sing about drugs and guns, after all, Anuel is King Real hasta la Muerte.  

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